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You want the ideal mix of services and investment choices for your client. Rely on Shore Tompkins for the best in plan design and client satisfaction.

Shore Tompkins understands all the facets of building a best-in-class retirement plan and we customize our approach to your situation, ensuring a streamlined experience for you and your client, the plan sponsor. 

Knowing the time and effort the advisor has spent to build a relationship of trust with the business owner, our first step is to understand how we can add value. Our innovative plan designs and first-rate service do even more: they also give advisors a competitive edge in winning and retaining clients.

“From planning to implementation to administration, it takes a team effort to customize a client’s retirement plan,” says Kathy Tompkins. “Our financial advisor partners understand this very well, and we value their unique skills and expertise. We strive to give them the same high level of service that we give their clients.”

Advisors choose Shore Tompkins because their clients are in good hands with our seasoned professionals. Our consultants average more than 15 years of industry-specific experience. And while many TPA firms have only a few credentialed professionals, all Shore Tompkins consultants have earned one or more retirement credentials from the following organizations:

  • American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA)
  • Society of Actuaries
  • Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
  • IRS-–Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent

Updating our financial advisors about changes in retirement plan laws and methodologies is essential. We are always interested in meeting advisors and answering their questions. There is no cost or obligation to the advisor for these conversations, which are 100% confidential, of course.
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Peter Semler

“Why Do I Prefer Working with Shore Tompkins? Because My Clients Do.”

“I started working with Shore Tompkins in 2004 because they provided insight, guidance and plan design that no other TPA firm I’ve talked to could. Each of my clients has special needs and Shore Tompkins is able to think outside of the box and create plans that help them accomplish everything they want to.

“I’ve tried out many TPA firms over the years and I trust Shore Tompkins implicitly. In fact, they are the only one I use now. It’s not about how big my client is, but whether they need that higher level of consulting, follow-up, oversight, and personal touch. For me, partnering with Shore Tompkins to deliver that level of service is a very good investment.”

— Peter Semler, Financial Advisor

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