TPA Partnerships

TPA Firms: Do you have the actuarial skills and experience to win Cash Balance Plans and other Defined Benefit business? If not, Shore Tompkins can help.

Your TPA firm might be one of the many who have focused solely on defined contribution business. As you likely know, Cash Balance Plans (CBPs) have seen the fastest growth in recent years, and can help you win more 401k business.

Shore Tompkins can help your TPA firm tap into this high-growth area. Our TPA partnership services can include any or all of the following, based on your needs:

  • assessing the feasibility of a Cash Balance Plan for your client or prospect
  • helping you tailor your sales process to target this market
  • designing your client’s Cash Balance Plan and writing the full plan document
  • actuarial calculations to determine annual plan-contributions
  • annual plan-administration tasks, including combined-compliance testing

Having designed or administered thousands of defined benefit plans, we can offer the highest levels of service and knowledge to your firm and its clients.

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“My Clients and I Are Extremely Happy with Shore Tompkins as Our TPA Partner”

Lori Plescia

Lori Plescia

“I had been looking for about three years for a TPA firm with defined-benefit experience when I met Neil Shore at a conference. And I’m so glad that I did: Shore Tompkins’ creativity, responsivess, and professionalism have helped us greatly strengthen some of our most valuable client relationships.

“With Shore Tompkins, we can easily show our business-owner clients how much a Cash Balance Plan would benefit them.

“Shore Tompkins not only designs the plan, but also handles annual administration and testing of it, freeing me to focus on administering the client’s 401k. So our clients become more loyal to us, we receive a new revenue stream from them, and our firm stands out as a provider of CBPs. I can’t imagine why any traditional TPA firm wouldn’t want those benefits.”

Lori Plescia, Lead Partner for Retirement Plans
Bender, Weltman, Thomas, Perry & Co. (St. Louis)

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